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High performance, durability and versatility: the loaders of the future

Without compromise, but efficiency and effectiveness at the highest level: this has always been McCormick’s promise in the development and production of new tools. A deep-rooted tradition of the highest quality, becoming a benchmark for farmers who need front loaders that are unique in terms of performance, sturdiness and design.

It is with them and their business in mind that McCormick has come up with 5 new series of front loaders covering the entire range of the brand’s tractors. From the 47hp of the X2 to the 240hp of the X7 VT-Drive, offering high performance, durability – over time and in different contexts – and great versatility of use.



McCormick front loaders and tractors, the combination that goes the distance

Combining a McCormick tractor with a front loader means creating the ideal synergy for your machine and your work. Increased comfort and productivity add up to an aggressive, ergonomic design that makes this combination unique.

There are three key features that distinguish McCormick front loaders:

    • Versatility: they are ideal for use in various sectors such as agriculture and forestry, but also in municipalities, for maintenance of green spaces and snowploughing.
    • High performance (and comfort!): these loaders are characterised on the one hand by excellent bucket self-levelling, which reduces operator fatigue, and on the other hand by higher loading capacity and superior height extension.
    • Sturdiness: the high quality paintwork withstands the weather and wear and tear in the field. Moreover, the loaders are combined with a wide range of top-quality implements. The standard equipment of the pushpull system or the Faster multi-coupling plate, combined with sides designed to distribute the weight over 3 points (front, centre and rear), reduces wear on the front axle, thus spreading the load over the entire tractor.


Five world-class ranges providing solutions to meet any need

Nothing is left to chance at McCormick, which has created five lines of front loaders equipped with top-quality steel frames and innovative McCormick design to anticipate the needs of the customer and easily adaptable for application in different sectors.

    • Mp range: cutting-edge design for first-class performance
      The Mp range of McCormick front loaders features a top-quality Domex special steel monocoque frame, which – thanks to its exceptional strength and longevity – is ideal for best-in-class performance. Here, McCormick’s eye-catching and powerful design takes advantage of the most innovative ergonomics to give the cab maximum visibility, thanks to narrower arms that are able to contain both the hydraulic system hoses and the suspension system.
    • Mt range: superior performance and sturdiness
      The Mt Range of McCormick front loaders also features a monocoque frame made of Domex special steel – solid, durable and of the highest quality, made to guarantee excellent performance. Also thanks to the McCormick design, which is functional and capable of improving loader efficiency, thanks to narrower arms that enclose the hydraulic system hoses.
    • Mi range: performance and lightness guaranteed
      The Mi range of McCormick front loaders – combining affordability and high performance in terms of quality, performance and functionality – is structured with a reinforced rectangular section frame, made of HLE special steel.
    • Mc range: light and simple
      McCormick’s entry-level range of front loaders, the Mc Range, combines an attractive price with excellent versatility and ease of use and is built with a rectangular section frame made of high quality HLE special steel.
    • Compact range: designed specifically for compact tractors
      McCormick’s Compact range of front loaders is characterised by its design to reduce the weight and footprint of the loader and features a high-quality HLE special steel frame.



Ergonomics and comfort in pure McCormick style

Innovation must prioritise not only environmental sustainability, but also human sustainability. This is why McCormick has created new joystick models, conducting careful ergonomic studies, which ensure extreme comfort in use and smooth, effortless movements.

Not only that, the McCormick joystick can be installed as aftermarket, by choosing from the different ranges on offer: TC Basic, design and comfort capable of controlling two hydraulic lines; TC Profi, equipped with 3 push-buttons, manages the spool valves equipped with a third hydraulic line and can control the gear change; TC Advanced, characterised by 8 push-buttons, manages the spool valves equipped with third and fourth hydraulic lines, or hydraulic release of the implement, also managing the gear change; finally TC Speed, a proportional electronic control that communicates via CAN-bus and governs the electro-hydraulic spool valves.

This is not the only new feature: McCormick knows that it is from comfort and quality of work that true efficiency is derived, and that is why it has developed Velotak, an innovative quick loader coupling and uncoupling system: just move a lever and the manoeuvre is done in no time, without the use of tools or pins. A simple operation that can be carried out on all types of terrain and slopes in complete safety, thanks to the loader’s support feet, which can be adjusted with absolute precision.

Lastly, McCormick has also devised useful solutions for effective, fast and stress-free maintenance. The sides of all loaders allow easy access to every routine tractor maintenance point, guaranteeing a real saving in terms of time and effort, and thus genuine support for the operator.

Turning innovation into everyday life is McCormick’s strength.


The features of McCormick’s front loaders do not end here: as with every product from the brand, performance, quality and comfort are moving into the future. Come and discover the perfect loader for your appl.


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