McCormick front loader tractors


Front loaders are being used more and more for several operations: transport, fertiliser handling, hay-making, pallet, road maintenance as well as many other activities requiring load and heavy load lifting.
In order to cater to your needs we created the M Series, comprising of front loaders designed specifically for your McCormick tractor. Sturdy and versatile, M Series loaders can be fitted as standard on series X4, X5, X6, X6.4, X7.4 tractors, while for all other ranges they may be ordered directly from the Argo Tractors spare parts department.
Suitable for all operations, McCormick loaders come with a comprehensive range of tools, including multi-purpose buckets, light buckets, earth buckets, manure buckets, bale forks, pallet forks and combined forks. They may be ordered at any time from the Argo Tractors spare parts department.

The M Series is the right solution for your tractor with models M60B/C, M80B/C/P, M90B, M100B/C/P and M120C/P.


McCormick loaders- specifications


  • McCormick M Series loaders are durable, safe and reliable: the arms are made with box section, hollow-body high-resistance steel elements, which ensure outstanding resistance to both torsion and bending stress.
  • The lifting height, measured at attachment axis ranging from 3.45 to 4.15 metres and lifting capacities from 1,200 to 2,400 kg at a 2-metre height.
  • Flawless driving comfort is ensured by a double accumulator suspension system (single accumulator in the M60B / M80B / M90B / M100B ranges) which allows to effectively absorb all shocks caused by uneven terrains. All this translates into easier tractor driving, more effective loose load transportation and minimised load losses
  • Using a single joystick installed in the cab, the operator can control the tractor in a simple and intuitive way.
  • McCormick loaders are user-friendly, easy to connect and disconnect, thanks to an exclusive system allowing to lock-on and unlock them in only a few minutes. Tool change-over is also very fast thanks to the Euro Hitch tool holder.



Lock and unlock your loader, it’s quick and easy


  • In order to lock and unlock the loader from the frame of the tractor, just use the two “LOCK” levers.
  • The fixed support on the tractor was designed with a view to ensuring easy connection, frontal visibility and the opportunity to perform engine maintenance also when the loader is locked on.
  • The hydraulic connection between the tractor and the loader is obtained by means of a multiple, quick-lock flash connector.
  • In order to store the loader just lower it onto the ground and release the integrated resting pads using the suitable pins, then move on to unlocking the loader.
  • Upon request, a solenoid valve can be fitted on the front of the loader to feed the cylinders of those tools requiring additional hydraulic drive (3rd and 4th line).

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