Table of contents:

    1. Carrying out proper maintenance
    2. Routine maintenance, the first line of defence for your tractor
    3. McCormick maintenance technology

Carrying out proper maintenance

Keeping your tractor in good condition is essential not only for its optimal operation, but also to ensure a high level of efficiency and reduce consumption. Consequently, the quality of work can also increase considerably if the tractor is always kept in the best condition.

For this reason, it is necessary to carry out precise and regular maintenance with minor, regular interventions.

The first thing to bear in mind when talking about tractor maintenance is that the yardstick for assessing the condition of the machine is in terms of hours worked and not in kilometres travelled, as is the case with cars and other vehicles.

This is because, of course, these are working vehicles and are subject to greater wear and tear, especially the components in contact with soil, dust and organic liquids.

Another fundamental premise, since there are so many different tractor models, is to consult the operator’s manual supplied with the tractor.

At McCormick, we fully understand the importance of thorough maintenance and provide a manual for every tractor. In the event that you have lost it, please contact your dealer.

Routine maintenance, the first line of defence for your tractor

In order to prevent extraordinary interventions following breakdowns, which can entail significant expenses, it is essential to carry out routine maintenance on your tractor.

Periodic checks make it possible to keep the quality level of the tractor high at all times, without losing efficiency, which also has a positive effect on fuel consumption and consequently on expenses and lowering pollution.

Forgetting to check the oil, change the filters or grease the axles, for example, could cause even serious problems, resulting in high costs.

Other work to be carried out regularly includes checking fluids, cleaning cabin filters, cleaning radiators, greasing lubricated components, checking tyre pressure, etc.

McCormick maintenance technology

For this important task of maintaining your tractor, McCormick wants to lend you a hand.

The McCormick Power Service system has arrived, an integrated digital solution that notifies you at all times of the maintenance work required on your tractor as well as the spare parts needed.

Your own tractor will keep you informed and provide you with constant updates so that you can keep it in top condition and optimise fuel consumption, as well as quickly and easily contact your dealer’s workshop to arrange maintenance.


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