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Until recently, connecting implements to the tractor could prove a problem with different control units in the cab, each with its own cables. The introduction of new technologies has led to an increase in the number of control units, making it difficult to manage the work.
The adoption of Isobus has revolutionised the industry, making it easier to manage day to day tasks.

What is Isobus?

Isobus is a standard protocol that allows the exchange of data and information among tractors, software and equipment of major manufacturers thanks to a universal language that makes it possible to manage the interconnected system through a single control console integrated into the tractor’s cab.
Isobus was born thanks to an agreement between the main manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment and a desire to solve compatibility problems, standardising communication among different machines, regardless of the manufacturer.
With Isobus the cab becomes an on-board computer for controlling the machine and tools, which are able to exchange information with each other in real time.

Isobus applications

Thanks to Isobus you can control all the implements activities while staying comfortably seated in your cab, with all the data available on a single display. The exchange of information offers you a fundamental support for all operations:

  • You can control your certified Isobus implements, including seed drills, balers and sprayers, maximising the yield in all working conditions thanks to the data collected in real time.
  • By integrating it with precision satellite systems you can view the treated surface directly on the monitor included in the Precision Steering Management system.
  • You can save fuel, chemicals and the environment by using automated systems.

With Isobus you can therefore increase the efficiency of the entire production process. This all translates into cost savings: you can rationalise the use of fertilisers and chemicals for a targeted distribution. In combination with a satellite system, it helps to avoid overlapping or empty areas. Operator fatigue is greatly reduced, managing tools that communicate with each other thereby allowing the automation of activities.

The data relating to the work done by Isobus equipment can be used for remote fleet management and tractor diagnostics (fleet management). In fact, the data collected from tractors and implements allow real-time monitoring of activities. Thanks to geolocation operators can monitor the status and position of tractors, measure their productivity and receive information on any problems.

McCormick adopts Isobus

In 2015 Argo Tractors obtained Isobus certification for the Tractor ECU control unit (TECU) at the Reggio Emilia Innovazione laboratory, an organisation that has been accredited for both software and hardware Isobus certification (ISO 11783).
The adoption of the Isobus system on McCormick tractors allows a “dialogue” with the equipment using a universal language. A fundamental turning point also for integrating the main tools of precision farming.

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