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Managing a fleet of tractors can be a challenging task: you need to keep track of movements, consumption, maintenance, obtain an overview of work status on a daily and monthly basis, make forecasts for the next operations to maximise costs and returns. All of these activities require a great deal of effort.

Until recently, there was no way of obtaining constantly updated information on fleet status to answer typical questions such as: How are operators working? Where are they and are they following the work schedule? How much fuel have they consumed and what is the efficiency rate of the operation? What is the state of the machines, do they have any problem that requires your attention?

To provide answers for all of these questions, we have developed the innovative solutions incorporated in McCormick Fleet Management, the ideal tool to get a real-time overview of all your machines at a glance.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is the McCormick telematic system that lets you monitor the key tasks of your fleet of tractors to maximise efficiency.
Thanks to the use of IoT (Internet of Things) protocols it is possible to receive information and data gathered from tractors and equipment.
This way, you can conveniently monitor fleet activity in real time from your desktop PC or mobile device.

What are the advantages of Fleet Management?

Fleet Management systems let you manage your fleet more easily and efficiently. The three key benefits include the ability to:

  1. monitor your fleet in real time, as you receive constantly updated information and data on the activity of your machines;
  2. analyse data to determine operating costs and optimise returns;
  3. rely on remote diagnostics and servicing to quickly identify and resolve any issues with the machines.

Monitoring your fleet in real time

You can keep track of the movements of the entire geolocated fleet and display the exact position of all tractors on a single map. The information is retained and stored in chronological order.
You can obtain the full information on the state of machines in real time: speed, engine rpm, work progress, hourly consumption, average consumption, and many other parameters, including the total average consumption of the entire fleet.
In addition, the Fleet Management system lets you outline clients’ fields accurately and store the data relating to operations, which will prove essential in case of later passes.
As you constantly monitor operations, you will be able to reduce margins of errormaximise returns and take action when certain areas or tasks require your attention.



Analysing collected data

The Fleet Management system offers you the full data required for a business-like management of the fleet, starting with daily and yearly operating costs for each field and machine for you to precisely determine the profit margins of your business.
Based on the data obtained, you can calculate the hourly, daily and monthly consumption of each individual tractor, as well as the average and total consumption of the entire fleet. You can also determine how many hours each tractor has spent in a field and the effort required by that operation.
This way, you will be able to precisely determine the cost of each operation and adjust final prices accordingly. In addition, you get the information required to determine the productivity and performance of each machine.
The Fleet Management system offers you all the tools you need to make forecasts for the next operations and adjust the work schedule as required.

Remote diagnostics and servicing

Another huge advantage offered by Fleet Management is the ability to monitor machine condition through diagnostics, giving you access to remote servicing.
The telematic system makes it possible to do a full tractor check up remotely. The remote management software makes it possible to obtain servicing for any needs.
Any problems are immediately detected and service can take action promptly, faster and more efficiently. This ensures that a machine is kept in good working order in order to extend its life and maximise  performance and efficiency, with the resulting economic benefits.

McCormick Fleet Management offers you full control over your fleet of tractors in order for you to monitor machine position and work progress, identify and resolve potential problems of the machines, and do it all conveniently from your office desk.
You will able to optimise returns and costs more rapidly and efficiently and in greater detail and reap the added benefits of taking better care of tractor condition, which guarantees longer service life.

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