VT-DRIVE: McCormick’s continuously variable transmission

Set speed and engine speed and let your tractor take care of the rest. With the VT-Drive continuously variable transmission, you can select the performance settings you need and just forget about it.
The driveline is automatically managed by the control unit that controls engine rpm and speed to provide the necessary power and performance regardless of load, while keeping fuel consumption at a minimum.
You can operate the implements from a single joystick and increase or decrease speed and rpm at the same time with no need to use the accelerator. Driving becomes easier, smoother and more comfortable, and you are free to focus on other tasks, such as controlling the implements.

What it is and how it works

VT-Drive is the continuously variable transmission designed and built by Argo Tractors (including its control software) that combines the efficiency of mechanical drive systems and the comfort offered by hydraulic clutches.
This lets you achieve continuous speed variation at the ideal engine speed ratio to optimise tractor performance and minimise fuel consumption.
The continuously variable transmission is made up of a hydrostatic section and a mechanical section. At low speeds up to 3-4 km/h, it operates in a pure hydrostatic mode. At higher speeds, the mechanical section kicks in gradually and works with the hydrostatic one so as to minimise power drain.
The VT-Drive driveline makes driving your tractor easier. The VT Easy Pilot joystick lets you control the driveline easily, increase or decrease speed without using the accelerator pedal and manage tractor rpm using Cruise Control.
You can drive the tractor and operate the implements from a single joystick. You can also speed up headland manoeuvres with the Remote Shuttle button, operate the reverse shuttle directly and control a hydraulic control valve. Activated functions are shown on the dashboard panel or on the touch screen display.

VT-Drive offers you 3 forward working speeds and 2 reverse speeds. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 3 different control modes using the potentiometer on the armrest:
1. Auto Mode
Engine speed and transmission ratio are controlled by the software to ensure you get the exact performance to match your settings. You can choose between the Field and Transport modes.
2. PTO Mode
You set engine speed and the system will maintain it to have the implement connected to the PTO run at the necessary rpm regardless of the load.
3. Manual Mode
Control transmission and engine speed directly from the controls on the armrest with no need to use the accelerator.


VT-Drive drivelines offer benefits in terms of operating efficiency and low costs, as well as excellent driving ease and superior comfort.
A distinctive feature of VT-Drive is its limited number of components, with special regards to clutches, which greatly enhances efficiency and cost savings. You can achieve the necessary speed through stepless progression, which allows for low engine speed. This reduces fuel consumption.
The smooth hydrostatic system makes for an extremely comfortable driving experience, and mechanical power provides superior performance. You can also set the ideal speed to suit working conditions, which greatly benefits steady-speed operations.
VT-Drive makes driving easier– select your desired settings, get to the job on hand and just forget about driving. You can monitor driving and operations from the joystick and the dashboard, or the touch screen display.

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