McCormick tractors enables sustainable farming – World Soil Day

McCormick tractors enables sustainable farming


Annually on 5 December, the United Nations celebrates World Soil Day to emphasise the importance of sustainable soil management and the importance of healthy soils. This year Soil Health Day focuses on soil salinisation and the threat this poses to healthy soil systems.


Soil salinisation and sodification are major soil degradation processes threatening ecosystem and are recognised as being among the most important global problems facing agricultural production, food security and sustainability in especially arid and semi-arid regions.


A limited understanding of soil systems in the past as well as some cultivation practices such as over grazing, deforestation and year-on-year tillage and fertilisation, has led to soil degradation and erosion in many parts of the world.


Precision farming and conservation tillage practises improve production and optimise the application of fertilisers and crop protection chemicals. Conservation agriculture aims to minimise the frequency or intensity of tillage operations in an effort to promote environmental and economic benefits such as a decrease in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, improved soil health,  reduced water runoff, less wind and water erosion, less subsurface soil compaction, and an overall reduction in fuel and labour costs.

Precision farming that incorporates field mapping and soil analysis, together with harvest and weather data collections can be integrated with satellite crop monitoring systems and provide the farmer with useful information to manage his farming operations more efficiently.


Variable rate fertiliser applications forms an important part of precision agriculture and by combining all collected data. The technology enables farmers to apply the right amount of nutrients combined with the ideal seeding rate, so that they can produce more from every hectare while reducing inputs. It also reduces the level of chemicals applied in the fields and thus reduces the risks of soil damage and salination.


The selection of the best suitable tractor for conservation agriculture practices is important. The type and size of tractors and equipment should be matched with the tractor engine power and capacity as this can influence energy efficiency. The equipment and implements that will be used during the farming operations can greatly impact the performance.


McCormick has always been at the side of those working in the agricultural sector to meet the great challenges of today and tomorrow with innovative solutions and efficient technologies.

The McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive Stage V tractor is suitable for minimum and no-till practices. The X7 Series is designed to work with large implements that  absorb  a  great  deal  of  power. Characterised by a general increase in power and equipped with a 6-cylinder, 24-valve 6.7-litre Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engine, the McCormick X7.624 delivers a maximum torque of 983 Nm at 1,400 rpm.

In addition, the Power Plus system guarantees maximum power and performance but also offers lower tractor wear and fuel savings. The Selective Catalyst Reduction system with a 52-litre AdBlue tank reduces engine emissions.


The  X7  P6-Drive  offers  the  highest  performance,  thus  allowing users to work smoothly on uneven terrain, slopes and  difficult  conditions,  with  low  fuel  consumption. The  range  guarantees  excellent  grip  and  stability  under  all  conditions. What further  increases the  versatility of these tractors is the fact that they can  be  equipped  with  a  front  hitch  and  PTO,  for  the  combined  use  of  both  front  and rear implements.


Because the McCormick X7.624 is compatible with satellite guidance and the ISOBUS system that connects the tractor, implements and on-board computer, it is extremely suitable for precision farming. Every  implement  activity  is  governed  very  precisely and in most cases, automatically. The perfect combination with the X7.6 P6-Drive.


It is also easy to use. With ISOBUS, the operator can manage all implements using a single touchscreen monitor without having to use additional control units in the cabin.


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