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In the current agricultural environment, it is crucial to make sure that you achieve maximum return from your investment. Profit margins are very small and although it pays to use modern tools, machinery and technology it pays even more to ensure that equipment and machinery are used efficiently and utilised optimally.

Agriculture equipment is used for ploughing, harvesting, tilling and cultivating field crops but also have plenty of usages in stock and dairy farming. When looking to buy new equipment and tractors for row crop or dairy farming, it is advisable to first do a proper analysis of you specific needs and evaluate the efficiency of current machinery in use. Questions that need answering include: Do you want to expand or replace? Would you need one tractor per worker?  For what purpose do you need the tractor? What type of equipment would be used with the tractors?


According to Marc Tolmay, Managing Director at DMCC in Kokstad , farmers need to select the best type of tractor for the type of function that they want to perform in order to make the best investment.

“Tractors can be equipped with various accessories and used for multiple farming activities, including harvesting, tilling, ploughing, and cultivating field crops. Utility tractors would be a good option when a farmer focuses on row crop production where specialised tractors would be advisable for use in fruit production.  Utility tractors can be used for heavy farming operations like pulling heavy equipment, ploughing and planting,” Tolmay says.


“McCormick tractors has had a massive impact in our area over the years due to the quality and reliability of the tractors, especially in the Higher HP ranges. I have a few clients who only want a red McCormick tractors on their farms. McCormick is a huge part of our business and a brand we love and market with all our effort,” Tolmay adds.

According to him, they serve a large variety of farmers in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape in the area south of Lesotho.  The area is best known for dairy farming, although maize and wheat are also cultivated. The area is also known for stock farming.

The most common McCormick products sold in the area, are the B-max and G-max models. The T-max is particularly in demand in the dairy industry. According to Tolmay, sales of the McCormick X7 range has grown fast over the past few years.


Tractors play a pivotal role in the dairy farming industry as they provide extensive assistance to farmers in the transport of food, equipment, animal waste, and other products between locations. They also provide immense help in cleaning out of barns and milking parlour and farmers can attach other accessories to the tractor like manure spreaders or feeders for chopping animal feeds.

“On a dairy farm, the correct tractor used for the specific task, can make dairy farming a great deal easier and less labour-intensive. It is therefore important that farmers choose the correct tractor for a required task,” Tolmay advises.

According to Tolmay, the following tractors offer excellent value to mixed farming operations, while still caters for the specific needs of dairy farmers.

The new B-Max Series T3 tractor family from McCormick features a fresh new look along with enhanced ergonomics. The tractors are available in both two- and four-wheel drive versions and offer a rear mechanical differential lock transmission. This low-cost tractor combines a simple design with excellent performance and functionality and is offered at a very attractive entry level price. Entirely manufactured in Italy by Argo Tractors, the new B-MAX range delivers excellent performance combined with high reliability and functionality. The B-Max  90, 100 and 110 models are powered by Perkins 1104 series four-cylinder engines that deliver high torque backup and quiet, eco-friendly performance while ensuring excellent fuel economy. The engines meet all Tier 3 emissions regulations. The B-MAX 75 and 85 models are powered by engines meeting Tier 2 emissions regulations.


The G-Max Tractor series provides pioneering technical features and unequalled mechanical and hydraulic solutions. The new cab provides improved manoeuvrability and driving comfort.  After extensive restyling, these models now offer improve manoeuvrability and driving comfort. They are available in 130hp and 160hp, with a 18 X 18 hydraulic shuttle with a 3-speed power shift.  “The G-max series offers unmatched value for money,” says Tolmay.

The T-MAX series is especially popular with dairy farmers, Tolmay adds and points out that the most outstanding feature of the T-MAX series tractors was the all-round visibility of the “total view” cab. “The great all-round visibility has been achieved by the all-glass side doors hinged onto the rear post,” he explains.


The stylish interior of the  T-MAX series also offers comfortable and intuitive positioning of controls according to current ergonomic standards. The air-conditioning system is installed on the cab roof with considerable benefits for the driver in terms of comfort, safety and health. The ventilation system is integrated by two filters designed to purify the air inside the cab. The roof features a fixed glazed hatch with sunshade, particularly useful when working with front loaders, and four lights providing great visibility during night work.


The five models of the McCormick X7 Series are powered by the 6,7 litre “Betapower” 24 valve, 6 cylinder turbo engines with common rail injection and an air to air inter cooler which provide power ratings from 116 – 147 kW. The optimised electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, allow the new engines to deliver increased horsepower while reducing fuel consumption.


“One of our top priorities is to bring the newest technologies and development in the tractor industry to our clients,” Tolmay says.


McCormick has always been at the side of those working in the agricultural sector to meet the great challenges of today and tomorrow with cutting-edge solutions and efficient technologies.

More about Argo Tractors: Argo Tractors is an important industrial Group family owned that designs, produces and markets tractors, services and parts worldwide, which encompass a technological portfolio of brands that have set important milestones in agricultural mechanisation.


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