McCormick X5 Series

35 - 45 - 55

Main features

99, 106, 110
Power Shuttle,Power Shift

X5 Series tractors

Each McCormick tractor reflects the passion and dedication of those
involved in designing, testing and producing this incredible line-up of
tractors. The NEW tier 4 final X5 Series tractors have no equal on
the market for simplicity, versatility, cost-effectiveness and ease of
The X5 is the new generation of McCormick’s utility tractors. Designed
with versatility in mind, the X5 will allow farmers to carry out
in complete safety a variety of tasks both in the field and on the farm,
from tillage and haymaking, to loader work, to barn management
activities. Engineered and built to handle all daily operations on the
farm with total reliability and maximum comfort, the X5 tractor is the
perfect choice for medium-scale farms and utility operations.
The name McCormick has always stood for innovation. Choosing
McCormick means you can count on a reliable partner that gives you
state-of-the-art technology and unmatched versatility without compromising
on simplicity.

DEUTZ® AG liquid cooled diesel engine; Tier 4 Final using DOC + SCR + CUC


ENGINE TYPEDEUTZ® AG liquid cooled diesel engine; Tier 4 Final using DOC + SCR + CUC
MAX ENGINE HP       HP/KW99 / 73106 / 78110 / 81
MAX PTO HP       HP/KW76 / 5682 / 6087 / 64


When it comes to work on a farm, especially loader work, nothing beats a shuttle transmission. A shuttle provides easy shifting from forward to reverse and back again.   The hydraulic power shuttle uses an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch to engage the forward or reverse gear. A simple left hand shuttle lever selects the travel direction. The operator does not have to depress the foot clutch while using the shuttle lever, making operation simple. A wet, multidisc clutch is oil-cooled for a long service life. Shuttle modulation is standard, and can be adjusted on-the-go to suit the operator. An available 3-speed power shift gives the operator the ability to quickly upshift and downshift through 3 power shift gears using two buttons integrated into the main transmission lever to react to the changing environment. Able to shift while under load, the power shift feature can quickly respond to changing conditions, with the simple press of a button, to keep the tractor working efficiently.  Combined with a creeper gear for special applications, this transmission option provides 48x16 total speeds. A de-clutch button on the main transmission lever allows the operator to shift the synchronized gears without using the foot clutch pedal.    

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