McCormick X4F, pure innovation

Sometimes innovation is so ground-breaking it looks like a revolution. With its innovative X4F tractor range, McCormick sets a benchmark for row-crop tractors around the world.

For over 30 years, the Argo Tractors Group has based its success on specialisation and resource integration; a winning strategy that has enabled Argo Tractors engineers to further enhance the already advanced features of the F range. Incorporating cutting-edge solutions and technologies designed to meet the most exacting demands of modern farming, the X4F marks a breakthrough in the specialty tractor segment in terms of compact design, ergonomics, comfort and flexibility.

The X4F knows how to stand out: the sleek, dynamic lines of the hood, the lights seamlessly integrated into the front grill and the Deluxe cab with its flat-deck platform give the this tractor an automotive look and feel. A contemporary design which reflects the essence of McCormick’s mission: to offer industry-leading innovation and performance combined with uncompromising comfort.

Compact design, ergonomics, comfort and flexibility


2,9/ 4


70 - 76 - 90 - 95 - 102 - 112


four speeds and three ranges

The X4F range is available in cab version for the F, N and XL models. The range offers a choice of transmissions and a variety of front and rear axles providing different wheelbase sizes, ground clearances and track widths. The X4F series comes in five models to suit specific applications:

F model for narrow-row orchards: ideal for work between tight orchard rows.

N model for narrow-row orchards with goblet-trained trees: it features the track width of F model and the narrow cab of the V model.

XL model for wide-row orchard: ideal for orchards with wide row spacing and for field work.

Deluxe Cab: all round visibility and first-class comfort

At McCormick, we are well aware that more comfort means more productivity. That’s why we have developed the Deluxe cab: a true mobile office where working becomes fun. The Deluxe cab is a four-post design with rear-hinged doors that provides ease of access to the driving seat and unequalled all-round visibility. With its flat-deck platform, fully adjustable driving position, ergonomic controls and automotive-grade fit and finish, the Lounge cab offers the operator a comfortable workplace all year round and in all weather conditions. The exterior cab width is 1205 mm on the F and XL models and 1000 mm on the N model.

Engines Stage 3B

The X4F series is powered by the new Deutz TCD L4 2.9L four-cylinder engines. With four valves per cylinder, turbo Intercooler and common rail injection system, these engines deliver more power, higher torque backup and better fuel economy, resulting in great flexibility of use. The six models in the range provide power ratings from 70 to 112 hp at 2000 rpm. The X4F tractors are equipped with 80-litre and 90-litre (XL model) fuel tanks for extended run-times between refuelling stops. The fuel consumption is reduced to a minimum thanks to the Engine Memo Switch, a device which allows operator to store and recall the engine speed most suited to the implement used, and to the absence of exhaust gas regeneration system.

X4.30 F/N X4.40 F/N/XL X4.50 F/N/XL X4.60 F/N/XL X4.70 F/N/XL X4.80 F/N/XL
DEUTZ 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4
MAX POWER ISO 70 / 52 76 / 56 90 / 66 95 / 70 102 / 75 112/82
RATED POWER ISO 68 / 50 75 / 55 79 / 58 86/63 95 / 70 105 / 77
MAX TORQUE 272 300 378 400 410 420
DISPLACEMENT / N° OF CYLINDERS 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA
FUEL TANK CAPACITY  F-N/XL  L 80 80/90 80/90 80/90 80/90 80/90


Versatile transmission to suite every need

The X4F tractors feature as standard a Speed Four modular transmission with four synchronized gears and three ranges that provide 12 forward and12 reverse speeds. Transmission options include a Power Four module (Hi-Lo splitter) providing 32 forward and 32 reverse speeds, an Xtrashift three-stage powershift (high-medium-low) giving a total of 48 forward and 16 reverse speeds, and a creeper that provides speeds as low as 300 m/h at maximum engine rpm.

Innovative Hydraulic System

The X4F comes with a variety of hydraulic options and configurations to offer farmers tailored solutions for their applications. The hydraulic system of the X4F range comes standard with a double pump that supplies 50 l/min to the rear hitch and remotes and 28 l/min to the steering system. Optionally, it can be equipped with a triple pump that provides a flow rate of 44+41+28 l/m to operate, respectively, the rear hitch and remotes, the front remotes and the steering system. The tractor can be equipped with up to seven remote valves, four at the rear and three at the front. Available options include three electrohydraulic front remotes, a flow selector to control multiple outlets with a single control and a flow divider to regulate the flow rate to the remotes. The F, N  models can be equipped with rear hydraulic stabilizers which control opening and closing of the lower links via two simple push-buttons. This function can be useful when attaching implements or when hitch adjustment during inter-row operation is required.


X4.30 F/N X4.40 F/N/XL X4.50 F/N/XL X4.60 F/N/XL  X4.70 F/N/XL  X4.80 F/N/XL
A-Lenght  mm 4370 4370 4370 4370 4370 4370
B-Min. Width  mm 1342 1342 1342 1342 1342 1342
C-Wheelbase mm 2140 2140 2140 2140 2140 2140
G-Ground Clearance 4RM mm 250 250 250 250 250 250
Weight 4WD in running order without ballasts Kg  2800/2750  2800/2750/3000  2800/2750/3000 2800/2750/3000  2800/2750/3000  2800/2750/3000


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