New Offering in the Mid-Range Tractor Segment

The X6 VT-Drive series is a completely new offering from McCormick in the mid-range horsepower segment.  Built on the successful platform of the X6 Premium models with power shift transmission, the new X6 VT-Drive retains the same cab features, front axle and hydraulic system while enhancing overall performance with a CVT transmission and cutting edge technology.  The use of a continuously variable transmission, specially developed by McCormick, gives the operator infinite speeds to match any job at hand.  CVT allows the engine and transmission to work together to deliver the right engine power and ground speed to efficiently get the job done.  And, the X6 VT-Drive is extremely easy to operate.  The transmission is controlled using the EazyPilot control handle integrated into the right side seat armrest.  This solution makes the X6 VT-Drive tractors simple and convenient to use across a variety of applications, such as heavy field operations, simple chore work, loader and livestock farming, and municipal tasks.  The sole model, X6.430, is powered by the BETAPOWER 4.5L engine with advanced SCR emissions technology.  Equipped with PowerPlus to generate additional power and torque, this engines can deliver up to 133 maximum horsepower.  The Deluxe Cab with optional suspension is designed and equipped to offer industry leading standards of comfort, visibility and technology.  The Data Screen Manager (DSM) is a 12" color touch screen universal terminal that is easy to use and ISO BUS capable. 

X6 PREMIUM Series Brochure ENG


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