F90 N/V Series

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Orchard and Vineyard Tractors

To complete the F range of specialty tractors, McCormick offers the new F-N model narrow orchard tractor and V model vineyard tractor.  Each model boasts 83 engine horsepower, and both are available in either a cab or open station configuration. The key features of the F-N and V series tractors include: a clean-burning Perkins 1104D turbocharged diesel engine for powerful, quiet, and environmentally friendly performance, a modular transmission with reverse shuttle, special 4wd front axle with 55° steering angle, “IBS” integral braking system allowing a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 kph), and versatile hydraulics with new electronic 3-point lift. The pressurized, air conditioned cab with ergonomically arranged controls provides the operator with maximum comfort and safety when treating crops with pesticides. The rounded profile of the hood and the folding ROPS in the platform model allow greater maneuverability in confined areas for enhanced productivity.




F-N/V Brochure ENG


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F-N/V Brochure FR


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