X5 Series tractors

Originally launched in 2012, the X50 tractor range now returns to the market with the denomination 'X5' in line with the new model designations recently adopted by McCormick for its tractor families. The new X5 tractor series offers a fully revamped four-post cab sporting a completely flat foot deck and large all-glass doors that provide ease of access to the driver’s seat and unequalled all-round visibility. Designed with painstaking attention to detail, the cab interior features ergonomically-arranged controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The fully adjustable steering wheel tilts and telescopes with the instrument panel, allowing the driver to constantly monitor the tractor's operation. The heating and air conditioning system moves large volumes of air to keep the inside climate comfortable in all weather conditions. Other improvements include increased hydraulic flow up to 16.7 gpm + 8 gpm (63 l/min + 30 l/min) and a larger fuel tank with a storage capacity of 32 gallons (120 liters). The 12x12 transmission with power shuttle and shuttle modulation control has now been upgraded with the proven 36x12 transmission with 3-speed powershift.  The Hi/Med/Lo gears can shift under load with the push of a button to quickly react to changing conditions. The X5 tractor range comprises four models: the X5.20, X5.30, X.5.40 and X5.50. All models are powered by the new Perkins 854E-E34TA engines. Equipped with two-valve technology, common rail injection system and exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), these 3.4-liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled engines meet the EPA emission regulations and offer power ratings from 88 to 113 hp. The first three models in the range offer the Power Plus system, which provides boosted horsepower under certain conditions. The X5 tractors are also available with iso-mounted platform.



  X5.20 X5.30 X5.40 X5.50
MAX ENGINE HP       HP/KW 88.5 / 65 95 / 70 105 / 77 113 / 83
MAX ENGINE HP WITH POWER PLUS       HP/KW 95 / 70 102 / 75 113 / 83 -
MAX PTO HP       HP/KW 71.5 / 52 81.5 / 60 88.5 / 65 97.5 / 72
MAX PTO HP WITH POWER PLUS       HP/KW 78 / 58 87 / 64 97.5 / 72 -
MAX ENGINE TORQUE       LB FT 290 @ 1400 RPM 310 @ 1400 RPM 332 @ 1400 RPM 332 @ 1400 RPM




When it comes to work on a farm, especially loader work, nothing beats a shuttle transmission. A shuttle provides easy shifting from forward to reverse and back again. The X5 Series offers a choice of a mechanical or hydraulic power shuttle transmission.


The synchronized mechanical shuttle uses a hand lever on the left side of the steering column to mechanically engage the forward or reverse gear. ROPS models with synchro shuttle offer a high and low gear in the forward direction for 24x12 total speeds. During each direction change, the operator must depress the foot clutch while moving the shuttle lever. A large, dry disc clutch ensures durability and ease of operation.


The hydraulic power shuttle uses an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch to engage the forward or reverse gear. A simple left hand shuttle lever selects the travel direction. The operator does not have to depress the foot clutch while using the shuttle lever, making operation simple. A wet, multidisc clutch is oil-cooled for a long service life. Shuttle modulation is standard, and can be adjusted on-the-go to suit the operator.


An available 3-speed power shift gives the operator the ability to quickly upshift and downshift through 3 power shift gears using two buttons integrated into the main transmission lever to react to the changing environment. Able to shift while under load, the power shift feature can quickly respond to changing conditions, with the simple press of a button, to keep the tractor working efficiently.  Combined with a creeper gear for special applications, this transmission option provides 48x16 total speeds.


A de-clutch button on the main transmission lever allows the operator to shift the synchronized gears without using the foot clutch pedal.





The X5 Series is available in either an open station ROPS or enclosed cab configuration. The open station offers a wide semi-flat foot deck with suspended seat and adjustable steering wheel to maximize comfort. A folding ROPS and horizontal exhaust lets the tractor work in height restricted areas or enter buildings with low overhead space.


Cab models sport a large 4-post structure with completely flat foot deck and twin opening doors for easy entry and exit. A deluxe air-suspended operator’s seat is fully adjustable to make long days in the field less tiring. The cab sits high on the chassis to offer unprecedented visibility in all directions. Bright field lights in the hood and in the front and rear roof line, allow for daytime work to continue into the night. External left and right mirrors help improve the operator's vision, and a vertical exhaust pipe follows the cab pillar to further increase visibility.


The sealed environment of the cab includes a stout HVAC with twin blowers to keep the inside climate comfortable in all weather conditions. Both external and recirculating air filters ensure a clean, dustfree environment, and all filters are easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance.


The panoramic cab has large glass doors and windows to provide 360 degrees of visibility for safe, comfortable operation. Both doors open widely for easy cab access, and the rear window opens easily when needed. There is even a window in the roof, near the front windshield, allowing the operator to see a raised loader bucket without having to lean forward.


The front dash, with digital display, tilts with the steering wheel on cab models for better visibility to keep the operator informed of the tractor’s performance. Lighting controls are placed near the steering wheel for easy reach and operation.





In a utility tractor, having a good, responsive hydraulic system is paramount; and the X5 Series is well equipped to handle the biggest hydraulic demands. Featuring an open center system with a dedicated pump that puts out up to 16.6 GPM (63 LPM) of hydraulic flow to the 3-point hitch and implement system, these tractors have the brawn to do the heavy lifting around any farm.



Controls for the rear 3-point hitch and remote valves are located in the right hand console for easy reach and operation. Intuitively placed for comfort, the remote valve levers are color coded and feature rollover safety locks. For tractors equipped with a mechanical 3-point system, twin levers next to the seat operate the position and draft controls. The optional electronic 3-point hitch control system features a simple push-button and rotary dial control group in the right hand console for precise implement operation.



All X5 models offer 2 rear remote valves as standard equipment, with up to 4 rear valves available from the factory. Stacked horizontally, the rear valves feature ISO 1/2" quick-connect couplers with covers that are easy to reach, making implement connection easy.




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