X6L Series Tractors

Developed to replace the popular G-Max range, the new X6L Series will be comprised of two models: the X6.460 and X6.470. The X6L Series is designed to be a simple, economical "workhorse" that can tacle tough jobs around the farm.  Driven by a BETAPOWER 16-valve, 4.5-liter clean-burning diesel engine delivering 143 and 163 horsepower, these tractors can perform in all kinds of field work, including heavy-duty applications. The tilt-up hood opens widely to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance, and the coolers located in front of the radiator open fully from a single latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty conditions. With a large tank holding 71 gallons (270 liters) of diesel and 10 gallons (38 liters) of DEF, these fuel-efficient tractors offer longer run times between refuelling stops. The X6L Series feature an 18-speed main gear box with power shuttle and three push-button high/med/low gears. The transmission can be optionally equipped with a creeper gearbox that delivers slow ground speeds for specialty applications. The open center hydraulic system delivers a flow rate of 23 gpm (87 lpm) to operate all hydraulic functions plus 10 gpm (38 lpm) for the steering circuit. The system offers up to five rear remote valves for implement connection  The X6L range is equipped with an electronically controlled Category 2/3 rear 3-point hitch with a maximum lift capacity of 15,430 lbs (7000 kg). Combining powerful performance with basic features and modern styling, the X6L Series offers a simple solution for farmers needng a strong tractor to do some heavy lifting around the homestead.




  X6.460L X6.470L
ENGINE TYPE BETAPOWER using Advanced SCR Technology BETAPOWER using Advanced SCR Technology
MAX ENGINE POWER AT 1900 RPM (ISO)     HP (kW) 143 / 105 163 / 120
RATED ENGINE POWER AT 2200 RPM (ISO)     HP (kW) 131 / 96 150 / 110
MAX. TORQUE AT 1500 RPM      lb ft (Nm) 434 (590) 497 (676)
BORE / STROKE     MM 104/132 104/132
DEF TANK CAPACTY     gal (L) 10 (38) 10 (38)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY     gal (L) 70.5 (270) 70.5 (270)

● standard


Reliable Power Shuttle Transmission

The X6L comes standard with a simple, reliable 18-speed gearbox featuring 6 synchronized gears and 3 ranges. A convenient left hand shuttle lever near the steering wheel operates the hydraulic power shuttle for easy direction changes without having to use the foot clutch pedal. An optional creeper gear set offers slow travel speeds with high RPM for specialty applications. An orange de-clutch button on the main gearshift lever allows the operator to shift gears and/or neutralize the transmission when pressed, providing simple and convenient operation. For even greater versatility, the transmission in the X6L Series offers 3 additional speeds as standard equipment (Hi/Med/Lo). Operated via simple push buttons in the main shift lever, the operator can easily shift through the synchronized gears in the forward direction without using the foot clutch, adding to the machine’s productivity.


Comfortable, Productive Working Environment

The spacious cab features a large, 4-post design with completely flat foot deck and two doors for easy entry and exit. A heavy duty HVAC system and air-suspended cloth seat create a comfortable interior for less fatigue during long working days. A cushioned instructor’s seat is standard equipment and folds away when not in use.  Tilt & telescopic steering with digital/analog front dash, and an intuitive layout of controls, keep the driver informed and make operation easy. The cab sits up high on the tractor chassis to offer excellent visibility in all directions.


High Flow Hydraulics

The X6L Series boasts a robust open center hydraulic system with separate, dedicated hydraulic pumps for the implement system and for the steering system. Up to 23 gpm (87 lpm) of hydraulic flow is available to the implement system for operating the rear 3-point hitch, remote valves, and loader. The simple system design and high flow rate ensure that implements respond quickly and a loader cycles faster for maximum productivity. All models have 3 rear remote valves standard, with up to 5 available for connecting a large assortment of attachments.


X6L Series Brochure ENG


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X6L Series Brochure FR


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