Each McCormick tractor reflects the passion and dedication of those involved in designing, testing and building such a capable machine. With power ratings from 143 to 212 hp, these tractors offer the ultimate in style, technology, operator comfort and productivity. Six models in the range are all powered by new BETAPOWER 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder turbocharged engines with multi-valve technology and electronic common rail direct fuel injection system. These engines meet Tier 4 emission regulations using an advanced selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.  SCR is an exhaust gas after-treatment technology that reduces exhaust emission without compromising engine performance. The X7.440 and X7.450 models feature structural 4.5L, 4-cylinder engines, while the X7.650, X7.660, X7.670 and X7.680 models are equipped with 6.7L, 6-cylinder engines housed within a rugged cast steel frame, which also helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The X7 tractors have different wheelbases that help maximize stability and maneuverability. The fully automated ‘PS-Drive’ transmission with 24 speeds in 6 ranges offers a 4-speed on-the-go power shift, electro-hydraulic range shifting, and a left hand steering-column power shuttle control. The transmission is controlled electronically via push buttons located on the multi-function armrest and features an Auto Power Shift (APS) function, ensuring easier operation in the field or during transport. A creeper gear set is standard for those tasks requiring slow ground speeds, such as harvesting or specialist seed bed preparation. The electro-hydraulically engaged rear PTO offers 540/540E/1000/1000E RPM PTO speeds with interchangeable flange-type shaft and the ability to modulate implement start-up. The system also incorporates PTO headland management to eliminate implement drive line damage when raising the mounted rear implement.  The closed-center hydraulic system uses advanced features to deliver high efficiency and maximum reliability. A variable displacement pump provides a flow rate of up to 32.5 gpm (123 lpm) to operate all hydraulic functions and up to five rear remote valves. The electronic lift control with lower link draft sensing provides a maximum lift capacity of up to 20,500 lbs (9300 kg) and allows precise control of the implement. Also included is a Ride Control system to help protect the implement and reduce shock loads on the tractor during transport. A radar sensor is also available for operations where true ground speed is required.  This can also be used in difficult ground conditions to improve traction and performance by reducing wheel slip. The front axle, either fixed or hydraulically suspended, offers a 55° steering angle for excellent maneuverability in confined spaces. The ‘PREMIERE CAB’ is a true high-tech control center designed to offer the operator a safe, functional, ergonomic environment with intuitively placed controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The interior features a high-quality, automotive-grade fit and finish that further enhances the operator’s comfort.






The six models of the X7 series are powered by the new BETAPOWER Tier 4 engines. The X7.440 and X7.450 models feature a 4.5L, 4-cylinder engine, while the X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, and X7.680 models are powered by a 6.7L, 6-cylinder engine. All engines are equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler to force cool, dense air into the cylinders.  A common rail direct fuel injection system creates better fuel/air mixture for a cleaner, more complete burn.  To meet the Tier 4 emission requirements, all engines use the advanced SCR system, an after-treatment technology that cleans the exhaust after it leaves the engine, providing cleaner emissions without compromising the tractor's performance. The SCR technology utilizes a second fluid (DEF) that is injected into the exhaust stream and misses with the hot gases. The mixture reaches the SCR catalytic converter where the DEF reacts with the exhaust gas to significantly reduce harmful NOx emissions. The optimized electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, combined with the SCR system, allow these engines to deliver exceptional power with over 40% torque backup and outstanding fuel economy, making for great flexibility of use.

The three largest models with 6-cylinder engines incorporate the 'PowerPlus' feature where the engine can "boost" horsepower if certain operating conditions are met.  During heavy PTO operations, such as pulling a large baler or power harrow, or during faster transport operations in the higher ranges, the diesel engine will generate higher horsepower and greater torque levels to pull through tough spots and keep the machine working.

  X7.440 X7.450 X7.650 X7.660 X7.670 X7.680
EMISSIONS CONTROL SYSTEM Advanced SCR Technology Advanced SCR Technology Advanced SCR Technology Advanced SCR Technology Advanced SCR Technology Advanced SCR Technology
RATED ENGINE POWER @ 2200 RPM (ISO)   HP / kW 135 / 99 152 / 112 152 / 112 159 / 117 166 / 122 181 / 133
MAX. ENGINE POWER @ 1900 RPM (ISO)   HP / kW 143 / 105 160 / 118 160 / 118 165 / 121 175 / 129 188 / 138
MAX. ENGINE POWER WITH POWERPLUS @ 1900 RPM (ISO)   HP / KW N/A N/A N/A 175 / 129 192 / 141 212 / 156
MAX. TORQUE   lb ft / Nm 435 / 590 499 / 676 499 / 676 535 / 726 597 / 810 639 / 867
DISPLACEMENT / NO. OF CYLINDERS 4.5 L / 4 4.5 L / 4 6.7 L / 6  6.7 L / 6 6.7 L / 6 6.7 L / 6
DEF TANK CAPACITY   gal / L 10 / 38 10 / 38 10 / 38 10 / 38 10 / 38 10 / 38
FUEL TANK CAPACITY   gal / L 74 / 280 74 / 280 85 / 320  85 / 320  85 / 320  85 / 320




A tractor as powerful and versatile as the X7 must be able to handle a variety of tasks and field conditions. That’s why McCormick engineers, drawing from years of experience in the high horsepower tractor segment, developed the new ‘PS-Drive’ transmission with electro-hydraulic power shuttle. Specially designed to suit the X7 series, the ‘PS-Drive’ transmission features 24 speeds in six ranges with four shift-under-load power shift gears in each range. Also incorporated is electronic push-button range shifting and hydraulic power shuttle providing 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. In addition, a standard creeper gear set provides for a total of 40 forward and 40 reverse speeds. The ‘PS-Drive’ transmission is designed for easy use, and to ensure the operator has the right speed for every application.  It offers a top speed of 25 mph, with the option of up to 31 mph, for transport applications. Heavy duty oil-immersed hydraulics wet disc brakes help stop the tractor safely from any speed, and optional pneumatic and hydraulic trailer brake systems ensure safe operation with heavy towed loads. The 4wd clutch automatically engages when both brake pedals are applied, providing 4-wheel braking for additional stopping power.

The electronic transmission management system allows the operator to customize it's operation for their specific needs. All transmission controls are grouped together in a single location for convenience, and allow for simple push button shifting controls. 



• Range skip shifting - the operator can shift ranges for quick, large speed changes.
• Speed Matching - automatic gear and range selection based on tractor speed.
• Auto Power Shift (APS) - automatic shifting through all powershifts based on engine speed and load. Can be adjusted on-the-go by operator with simple twist dials.
• De-clutch button - convenience & simplicty.
• Shuttle Modulation Control - allows operator to set aggressiveness of gear shifts and direction changes.



The X7 Series with Ps-Drive transmission offers customers a choice between a Standard or Premium configuration, depending on the tractor model.


Available in the X7.440, X7.650 and X7.660, the standard configuration is designed for those who want simplicity, reliability and versatility.  Standard models are built with the same engine and chassis as the Premium models, and include basic features and amenities that are paramount to simply getting the job done.  These models incorporate most of the major tractor functions into the right side console and include such features as Ps-Drive transmission, closed center hydraulics with mechanical valve controls, 14,000 lb rear hitch lift capacity, simplified lighting package, high capacity manual HVAC, and air suspended seat, just to name a few.  All Standard models can accept the heavy duty L-Series ag loaders (built by Alo) to increase the tractor's versatility.


The Premium version is available in the X7.440, X7.450, X7.660, X7.670 and X7.680 models, and its configuration means exactly as its name implies.  Performance, technology, and comfort are all placed in the forefront to tackle any job around the farm.  Major tractor controls are positioned in the right hand seat armrest and move with the operator for convenient, fingertip operation.  Other Premium features include the choice of Pro-Drive or VT-Drive transmission, 32 mph (50 kph) capability with suspended front axle, closed center hydraulics with electronic valve controls, robust lighting package with LED option, automatic climate control, deluxe suspended seat, ISO BUS and auto guidance capability, and so much more.



The X7 series tractors feature a closed-center load-sensing hydraulic system with a variable-displacement piston pump. This means that the pump always delivers the exact amount of oil that the system requires, instantly and on demand, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste. The system supplies up to 32.5 gpm (123 l/min) to the hitch and remote valves.

With the raise/lower control conveniently located on the Multi-Function Controller and the main settings integrated into the right-hand console, the rear hitch guarantees precise implement control. Offering a maximum lift capacity of up to 20,500 lbs, the Category 3 rear 3-point hitch is equipped with lower link draft sensing to handle precise tillage work with ease.


The X7 tractors can be fitted with up to six remote valves for controlling implements and attachments (5 rear remote valves and a sixth front valve with front 3-point hitch). Simple fingertip and push button controls make operation convenient and precise. An available mini joystick controls the front lift and front remote valve if equipped. All valves can be set to operate for specific flow rates and flow times to meet specific hydraulic tasks. Hydraulic power beyond is also built in for those implements that require a dedicated oil supply but have their own valve system.



All X7 models can be equipped from the facotry with an electronic loader joystick in the right hand armrest console for convenient operation of a front loader.  Two valves mounted at the tractor's mid-point under the cab provide easy access for front loader connection.  



The “PREMIERE CAB” is a true technology lounge that allows the operator to control the tractor with maximum ease and comfort. Designed to offer a safe, quiet and comfortable environment for long hours in the field, this four-post cab with completely flat foot deck is packed with a host of features, including an air suspension seat with integrated multi-function armrest, a telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel, a highly-efficient automatic climate control system, a roof-line window, and interior "night-vision" lights. In addition, the operator's seat can be equipped with heating and ventilation as an option to ensure complete comfort in all temperatures. The driving position is ergonomically designed and equipped with easy-to-use, logically-arranged controls. The interior, with automotive-style fit and finish, is equipped standard with a deluxe radio and sound system that includes USB port, Bluetooth, SD memory card slot, and four loudspeakers for relax your mind and mood.

The multi-function arm rest is fully integrated into the seat frame and moves with the operator for comfort and convenience while accommodating all major tractor functions. Controls are arranged and color code for easy identification, reach, and operation. 

The interactive dot matrix display (DMD) in the front dash keeps the operator informed of the tractor's performance. The operator can conveniently adjust tractor settings on-the-go as needed. The dash also moves with the adjustable steering wheel for better visibility. 


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