5D Series High Clearance Tractors

Landini adds a new twist, namely the 5D HC Series, to its current tractor lineup. Conceived on the framework of the prior Powerfarm Series, the 5D HC models offer an extremely high ground clearance for specialty applications.  The 5D HC uses a standard 5H chassis with bull gear final drives, but the final drives are "turned" downwards to give the tractor a higher stance.  Coupled with tall, narrow tires of equal size from front to back, the tractor excels in vegetable production, cane crops, and other applications needing lots of room under the tractor. Three models are available (5-90D, 5-100D, 5-110D) ranging from 85 to 102 HP.  All models feature a 12x12 mechanical synchro shuttle transmission, and can option for a 16x16 transmission with creeper.  Tractors are available in open station or cab configurations, and with a 2wd or 4wd front axle.




5D HC Series Brochure ENG


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5D HC Series Brochure FR


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