Argo Tractors' innovations at SIMA 2009

Argo Tractors’ innovations at SIMA 2009

The Argo Group’s exhibition booth at Sima 2009 will comprise over 2600 square meters dedicated, as usual, to a complete and renewed panorama of machines and implements.
The tractor division will be one of the principal protagonists of the event, as represented by Argo Tractors with the Landini and McCormick brands.
Backed by tried-and-tested experience with different types of tractors, Argo Tractors' groundbreaking technological drive has come up with new answers to the farmers’ real requirements.
The Landini and McCormick ranges now offer a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art machines in the various power brackets, with lots of different models and important innovations.


Landini’s New PowerVision
There’ll be a preview of the POWERVISION family, flanked by the Powerfarm families from which it inherits the cab and wheelbase, while the powershift three-range gearbox, the epicyclic final drives and the power lift come from the more structured PowerMondial version.
The front grille and front and rear light clusters have been given a new look.
The gearbox is modular and versatile with 4 synchronized speed gears and three mechanical ranges plus oil-cooled multiple-plate hydraulic PTO as part of the standard equipment.
The 12 + 12 entry level is offered for both the 30 kph and 40 kph Eco versions and there’s also an intermediate 24 + 12 version complete with mechanical reverse shuttle and overdrive.
The biggest innovation is the hydraulic reverse shuttle and 3-stage (H-M-L (High-Medium-Low) powershift module that provides a total 36 + 12 speeds. The creeper is available as an option for all the versions. The De-Clutch function allows the operator to shift the mechanical gears with the button on the gearshift lever. The Declutch is engaged by means of an electronic controller, which also controls the hydraulic reverse shuttle, the HML Gearbox and the PTO.
This latter is the oil-cooled multiple-plate type and is available with two and three speeds, i.e. 540, 540Eco and 1000, depending on the version.
The mechanical power lift features draft control on the lower links.
Last but by no means least, the engines are also new. PowerVision 80 with natural aspiration, 90 turbo, 100 and 110 equipped with turbo aftercooler.
The new PowerVision family represents Landini’s state-of-the-art and a link between Powerfarm and the PowerMondial and Vision families, from which it borrows its specific performance and reliability.

Landini's PowerMondial

POWERMONDIAL features Landini’s most comprehensive technology in the medium-power tractor segment.
With three models, Powermondial 100, 110 and 115, the new series has been designed to provide the very highest performance in the open field, both for light jobs and for heavy duty use.
Powermondial features a 41 kg/HP weight/power ratio and is therefore excellent when it comes to limiting the extent to which the soil is packed down. The engines are the new 92 to 110 HP Perkins 1104D turbocharged type which, besides providing exceptional power and torque, also comply with the TIER 3 standards governing gas emissions.
The new range also comes in the two versions, Techno and Top, this latter complete with electronic power lift and hydraulic reverse shuttle, which adds to the oil-cooled multiple-plate PTO installed in both versions as part of the standard equipment.
The Techno and Top versions also have different transmissions: while the Techno version is equipped with Speed five, featuring a basic mechanical gearbox with 15 speed ratios - plus creeper and mechanical reverse shuttle (20 FWD + 20 REV) -, the Top version has a T-Tronic gearbox with 12 speed ratios (Speed Four) plus a powershift with 3 gears that triplicates the speeds of the basic gearbox on load, a creeper and hydraulic reverse shuttle for a total 48 FWD + 16 REV speeds.
The electrohydraulically controlled power take-off is available with different speed combinations. Moreover, the standard equipment offered by the T-Tronic version includes the electronic power lift able to lift up to 5650 kg. 3 or 5 rear hydraulic taps are also available.
Lastly, the 4-pillar Master Class cab provides Powermondial with exceptional all-round visibility, also thanks to the generously sized doors hinged to the rear pillar. All controls are ergonomic, while the automatic air conditioner and roof window for work with front loaders all add to the operating comfort of this model.


New Powermax 185
It’s called POWERMAX 85 and, with the new 6-cylinder 6728 cc 183 HP Dual Power F.P.T. Nef (Tier 3) engine, it completes the Powermax series.
The Powermax range thus comprises three models, 145, 165 and 185 with 24-valve turbocharged engines featuring common-rail high pressure electronic injection.
Combustion is excellent thanks to the electronics applied to the engine, thus protecting the environment as dictated by the Tier 3 standards governing emissions, sensibly reducing fuel consumption and providing a torque reserve of around 40%.
By using the engine electronics, the Dual Power system allows the PTO torque and power to increase automatically.
Daily maintenance and service inspections are made easy by the fully opening tilt-back bonnet.
The 32-speed Autopowershift transmission featuring 4 synchronized ranges with range sequencer and hydraulic power shuttle is offered for the entire range.



Mistral, re-vamped range
The name’s not new, but the range has decidedly changed. MISTRAL has undergone an important restyling process that has involved both its appearance and technical specifications.
Thus Mistral has been given a completely new look, with a tilting bonnet and a tapering shape true to the new Landini Family Feeling, designed to combine style with practical use and maintenance.
The cockpit is also new, with a more ergonomic and functional layout for the controls that contributes towards increasing operator comfort in both the footstep and cab versions.
Designed as a true synthesis of technology, the Mistral Series comprises 4 models, 40-45-50-55, and is equipped with new 35 to 54 HP 3 and 4-cylinder Yanmar engines.
The 55 version sports a new Tier 3 engine with 4 valves per cylinder and external EGR.
The range also features a rational and ergonomic gearbox with creeper and reverse shuttle, plus a new type of rear power lift with draft and position control plus 1200 kg lifting capacity.
But Mistral’s vocation remains the same, as it’s still a range designed for users who need a small and compact tractor, one that’s ideal when space is at a premium, between the crop rows in vineyards, orchards and greenhouses, where all its versatility comes to the fore.

Powerlift: new Tier 3 engines
Landini’s telescopic power lift becomes even more powerful and versatile performance-wise. Powerlift has been given the latest generation Sisudiesel Tier 3 4-cylinder 4400 cc engines. Even more efficient, economic and “green”, this new engine provides a 150 HP rating with 110 HP available at the PTO. But the cooling system has also been improved and allows the telescopic power lift to provide an even more spectacular performance.
All of Powerlift’s other characteristics remain unchanged, thus, with three patents, a 9-meter telescopic boom and a 2,850 kg payload capability, this product combines all the functions of a telescopic lift, agricultural tractor and forestry machine in a single vehicle.













New McCormick MTX 145
The McCormick MTX series has been given a new cab with 4 pillars and the new bonnet of the more powerful XTX and TTX models. It comprises three models, MTX 120, 135 and 145.
All the models in the range are equipped with 6-cylinder BetaPower Tier 3 engines that provide the best when it comes to comfort, running economy, reliability and long life.
The Powershift transmission is offered in the basic configuration, complete with hydraulic reverse shuttle and creeper. The Autospeed transmission with reverse shuttle is also available.
MTX 145v also has a 540/1000 RPM power take-off with Auto Pto control and high-performance hydraulic circuit allowing the operator to do his work in a precise and efficient way.
The electronic power lift with controls installed on the mudguard allows implements to be easily and quickly hitched. With a 6600 kg lifting capacity, MTX is able to handle a great variety of implements.
The luxury cab with self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension provides excellent visibility and guarantees total comfort during long work days. A powerful lighting system allows the operator to work at night in conditions of perfect visibility.


The CX series is renewed

New engine and new specifications for McCormick’s CX series, top of the range as to excellence when it comes to open field tractors in the 100 HP bracket.
The range, which includes three models, CX 90-100 and 110, with 83 to 102 HP power ratings, represents the state-of-the-art in the medium-high power tractor segment and is the ideal solution for light and medium-heavy duty open field work.
The engines are the new Perkins 1104D Turbo type for the CX90 model and the Turbo aftercooler type for CX100 and 110 which, besides providing exceptional power and torque, also comply with the Tier 3 standards governing gas emissions. The range is available in two versions, Synchro Shuttle and Xtrashift, depending on the gearbox installed.
The Synchro Shuttle model has a basic mechanical gearbox with 8 FWD + 8 REV speeds, which can be associated with a 2-speed Powershift with mechanical reverse shuttle and creeper for up to 24 FWD + 12 REV speeds.
The Xtrashift model has an electronically controlled transmission with 3 powershift speeds, hydraulic reverse shuttle and optional creeper for up to 36 FWD + 36 REV speeds.
The front axle, with 55° steering angle, features 4WD engagement and electrohydraulic button-operated diff lock. On request, the electrohydraulically controlled PTO is available with 2 speeds (540/750 or 540/1000) for the utmost versatility.
The standard 2nd class electronic power lift can lift up to 3865 kg, while up to 3 rear hydraulic control valves can be installed.
Lastly, the CX series has been given the new Deluxe cab with 4 pillars, a refined design and excellent visibility.

New XTX 185

McCormick’s XTX series now comprises a new, higher powered model. It’s the new XTX 185, a tractor able to provide a superior performance on both the fields and roads.
This range, which now includes three models, i.e. XTX 145, 165 and 185, features the new 6-cylinder 6728 cc 24-valve Beta-Power engines with turbocharger and Common-Rail high pressure electronic injection.
The new 185 model develops 183 HP in Dual Power.
Combustion is excellent thanks to the electronics applied to the engine, thus protecting the environment as dictated by the TIER 3 standards governing emissions, sensibly reducing fuel consumption and providing a torque reserve of around 40%.
By using the engine electronics, the Power Management system allows the PTO torque and power to increase automatically.
Moreover, the McCormick XTX series is equipped with Xtraspeed transmission featuring 32 speeds, 4 ranges and 8 Powershift speed gears on load for each range.




GM Series: decisive restyling

Designed to satisfy the needs of farmers in a vast array of applications, McCormick’s GM series is presented in a completely revamped range.
There’s been a radical restyling process involving both the visual aspect, with a new look featuring a tilting bonnet, as well as the engines and technical features.
Available in the versions with folding safety frame with two uprights or with cab, McCormick’s GM tractors sport a completely re-designed cockpit with controls in more comfortable and functional positions, making work much easier for the operator.
The high-performance 3 and 4-cylinder modern Yanmar engines are amongst the winning features of the new range. But these machines are so easily handled and agile that they’re ideal for a vast number of uses where space is at a premium, such as between the crop rows in orchards and vineyards.
As part of the standard equipment, McCormick’s GM tractors feature the Speedfour transmission with creeper and reverse shuttle plus a new and efficient mechanical 1200 kg capacity power lift.
The new range comprises four models, GM 40-45-50-55, with 35 to 54 HP power ratings.

New Tier 3 engine for Tele-Trac
There's been a change of engine for McCormick's Tele-Trac. The telescopic lift now has a new Tier 3 engine that complies with the antipollution laws. It’s the latest generation 4-cylinder Sisudiesel turbo aftercooler engine able to provide 150 HP/ISO with a high torque reserve and low fuel consumption.
In the highest power bracket of the telescopic lift sector, Tele-Trac provides 110 HP at the PTO and thus combines all the functions offered by telescopic lifts, tractors and forestry machines in an excellent way.
It sports the same top-of-the-range characteristics, such as the Dual Drive System reversible cockpit and the 40 kph EVT mixed transmission, both of which are patented.

Argo Tractors, with its headquarters in Fabbrico (RE), manufactures tractors under the Landini and McCormick brands and belongs to the Argo Industrial Group.

The Tractor Manufacturing Division of the Argo Group has tripled its production volumes in little more than 10 years, with a remarkable growth in concrete results: 2,000 employees, 4 plants, 27 product ranges, 8 business branches in the world and 130 foreign importers.

Statistics that have allowed the Landini and McCormick brands to achieve a significant standing on the domestic tractor market and to represent one of the most important international players, thus confirming the value of a successful group strategy.

Argo Tractors’ strength lies in belonging to a great group: several different enterprises that are all part of a single project: integrated resources and specialization are the mainstays on which the Argo Group bases its manufacturing and business strategy, with six brands, plants in Italy, France and Germany plus an unwavering and exclusive industrial vocation.

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