Argo Tractors: new Landini and McCormick house organs

 A new edition of the “McCormick Magazine” and “Il Landinista” House Organs was issued in March last. Both Landini and McCormick House Organs are periodically published by Argo Tractors, the aim being to maintain a direct line with customers and dealers worldwide.
Il Landinista, now in its eleventh edition, provides a significant picture of the outstanding commitment that the Fabbrico tractor division has undertaken towards product innovation and evolution. The results presented in this new edition are plain for all to see. Landini now possess a range in which all power brackets have been completely renewed. This updating process has also entailed ground-breaking technical solutions such as the introduction of new Turbo Aftercooler Perkins engines which are now being installed on different tractor models..
Backed by the goals achieved so far, Il Landinista provides a comprehensive information about the most important novelties presented on the occasion of the various agricultural exhibitions held during last autumn, namely Agrilevante and Agritechnica, by focusing mainly on the Rex series, a buttonhole of the specialized tractor range.
The novelties of the year are also the focal point of the McCormick Magazine which emphasizes the recent McCormick commitment towards updating and renovating the medium power bracket, thus completing an investment project started some years ago.
The McCormick Magazine has also focused its attention on the MC series, this being the result of an extensive aesthetical and functional restyling process featuring a new concept of comfort and efficiency, and tailor-made to face the needs of increasingly more evolved, professional and demanding users. Amongst the goals recently achieved by McCormick, it is worthwhile mentioning the Tractor Pulling races and the success enjoyed by the Red Fox throughout the entire duration of the last championship.
As usual, both House Organs dedicate a lot of space to the news concerning the two brands, subsidiaries and importers, as well as the relevant sale network, both in Italy and worldwide.
Il Landinista and the McCormick Magazine are available at our Landini and McCormick dealers’ and can be downloaded from the relevant areas on the following web site:


Argo Tractors, with its headquarters in Fabbrico (RE), manufactures tractors under the Landini and McCormick brands and belongs to the Argo Industrial Group.
The Tractor Manufacturing Division of the Argo Group has tripled its production volumes in little more than 10 years, with a remarkable growth in concrete results: 2,000 employees, 4 plants, 27 product ranges, 8 business branches in the world and 130 foreign importers.
Statistics that have allowed the Landini and McCormick brands to achieve a significant standing on the domestic tractor market and to represent one of the most important international players, thus confirming the value of a successful group strategy.
Argo Tractors’ strength lies in belonging to a great group: several different enterprises that are all part of a single project: integrated resources and specialization are the mainstays on which the Argo Group bases its manufacturing and business strategy, with six brands, plants in Italy, France and Germany plus an unwavering and exclusive industrial vocation

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Argo Tractors: new Landini and McCormick house organs